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IMBIL TALKVoice Service

Voice Service is a wireless voice telecommunication for making and receiving calls over the internet with the use of broadband services.


IMBIL’s voice service package helps our clients make a seamless migration to the world of IP services through the following:

  1. Interconnect – Our voice interconnect service ensures the handing-off of circuit switch TDM or packet switched IP (VoIP) voice calls directly between fixed line or mobile network operators (private peering) or by way of a 3rd party intermediary service provider (public peering).
  2. International Direct Dialing – Our International Direct Dialling service provides for direct international calling over the internet not facilitated by a local operator.
  3. IP Exchange – Our IP exchange (IPX) interconnection model provides for the exchange of IP based traffic between customers of separate mobile and fixed operators as well as other types of service providers. This is achieved via an IP based Network-to-Network Interface.


Hosted Communications: At IMBIL, we provide a host communication system for your networking activities. Our host communication services can be launched on a local server or a broader internet space depending on our clients’ needs and we ensure this is made possible vide the following:

  1. Hosted Centre & Hosted SIP Trunking –
  2. All-IP products and services
  3. Hosted Contact Centres
  4. Inbound Services


Machine to Machine: IMBIL also offers machine-to-machine communications using short message services (SMS). We create a platform for you to send and receive an SMS message over our designated network.


Professional services: If you interested in giving your business a boost with the latest technology, IMBIL professional service is the best option to take advantage of. First, we get you upgraded from legacy to digital solutions through our IP Transformation services. Secondly, we can install Ethernet circuits and test equipment on our client’s premises. Lastly, our managed order desk can give the requisite support for your IT needs and operations to make work easier for you.